We consist of several members who have working experiences in Japanese internet service companies 7 to more than 10 years.

With the experiences, we made this website to offer helpful information for foreign people in Japan to make an efficient and smart contract for the internet in Japan.

Information for Smarter Contract

Fiber-Optics Vs. WiMAX, the Best Internet in Japan for You? By dealing with pros and cons of fiber-optics and WiMAX in Japan, this article explains the differences of them. After you read this article you will know which one is best for you. 2021-03-14

How to Choose Internet Service in Japan (Fiber-Optics)

Fiber-optics is the type of home internet which is the fastest and the most popular in Japan.

This article talks about characteristics of the most famous fiber-optic services in Japan and compares their speeds, fees, and deals through promotions.


How to Choose Internet Service in Japan (WiMAX)

WiMAX is one type of Japanese portable WiFi(or mobile WiFi) internet service provided by UQ Communications Inc.

This article compares WiMAX internet services in Japan and shows how to get WiMAX for a reasonable price.


English Guide to Online Contract for SoftBank Air This is the guide page for ordering SoftBank Air online with getting a monthly discount and cashback through a promotion. 2021-03-11