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About Us

When you start to live in Japan as an expat, the first thing you need is definitely the internet. You could get around it by renting a pocket WiFi or using public WiFi in the beginning.

But eventually, you will need to confront getting a contract for the internet for your long-term stay in Japan.

Even for Japanese, making a contract for the Internet in Japan is a nettlesome work, because the contract lasts at least 2 years and depending on internet service provider(ISP), the charge for the same service gets very different.

Of course, it is even harder for expats to choose the right ISP for them. You might have no idea which ISP provides the internet with reasonable prices or is trustful and which one is not.

No wonder many expats end up simply relying on a random internet service retailer in an electronics store and paying more than they need to.

They might even not know that they could get a discount on a monthly fee or cashback through promotion as Japanese do.

There is simply not enough information about the internet service and ISPs in Japan for expats.

And, that is why we made this website, Japan Internet Service Guide.

We consist of members who have 7 to 13-year working experiences in Japanese internet service companies as mainly customer & technical supports and telemarketers.

The main companies we used to work for are FLET'S HIKARI(フレッツ光) of NTT and au HIKARI(auひかり) of KDDI which are the largest telecommunications companies in Japan.

One of our members also has working experiences in Softbank, which is also a well known Japanese ISP.

With our experiences, this website provides helpful information about Japanese internet services and ISPs letting you make a better choice for an internet service and an ISP in Japan.

contact: isp@japan-internet.info


We update our website often for offering the newest information, but please understand that there is a possibility that sometimes updates about some changes on promotions can be delayed.

We are not a network operator or an internet service provider, so we do not take responsibility for any trouble related to contracts for the Internet.