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English Guide to Online Contract for SoftBank Air

softbank air internet

SoftBank Air is a wireless internet service provided by SoftBank, a Japanese multinational conglomerate holding company with subsidiaries including Arm holdings in the U.K. and Yahoo! JAPAN. 

This page is the English guide to the online contract for SoftBank Air through the promotional link.

Below is SoftBank Air's promotional page, and by getting a contract for the internet service through this page, you can get a discount on a monthly fee or a cashback.

softbank air
    • Monthly Charge

Air Terminal Hire-Purchase Plan(分割払い): 1,717 yen for 1 year

Air Terminal Rental Plan(レンタル): 5,370 yen

*Monthly charge of Hire-Purchase is the price after discounts below are applied to.

*Air Terminal is a router of SoftBank Air. 

    • About the Charges

Hire-Purchase Plan:

25,000 yen cashback(money back) + 1,080 yen monthly discount for 1 year(*with Ouchiwari HIKARI Set(internet+smartphone bundle deal), 580 yen monthly discount)

If 25,000 yen is divided by 12(months), it gives 2,083 yen.

And if 2,083 yen and 1,080yen are substrated from 4,880yen, it becomes 1,717 yen, the advertised monthly charge.

*This 25,000 yen cashback is provided only when you make a contract on 5th,15th, and 25th day of any month. If you order SoftBank Air on the other dates, cashback will be 15,000 yen.

Rental Plan:

Basic Monthly Charge 4,880 yen + Router Rental Fee 490 yen = 5,370 yen


* This promo only applies to whom subscribes SoftBank Air through the promotional web page below.

Promotional Web Page: SoftBank Air

(promotion period: 2019.7.1~)

Through the above promo, even for 2-year use, Hire-Purchase Plan is more advantageous than Rental Plan.

It's because, through the promo, subscribers can get 25,000 yen cashback and a monthly discount of 1,080 yen which covers 19,440 yen, the Air Terminal purchase fee left after the 2-year contract.

* Only Hire-Purchase Plan is available through this promotion, Rental Plan is not available. If you want to order the service with Rental Plan, go to this website (however, you can only get 490 yen discount on the first month if you order the service here).

* If you order Ouchiwari HIKARI Set(internet+smartphone bundle discount), you will only get 580 yen/month discount and not get any cashback through this promo.

Promotional Web Page: SoftBank Air

Open this English guide page and online ordering page together via the link above, and fill in the ordering page with referring to the guide page.

This guide page's letters are too small to read on a smartphone, so

* We recommend you to read the guide page on your desktop or laptop.

1. Select Your Current Mobile Phone & Internet Service

contract for softbank air01

First, click "Click here for ordering SoftBank Air" button on the promotional page.

contract for softbank air02

Then select your current mobile phone carrier.

If you are a SoftBank smartphone user, click "SoftBank", and If you are with a different carrier or not using any mobile phone service in Japan, select "Service other than SoftBank."

contract for softbank air03

Then it will ask your current internet service provider(ISP). If you are not using any internet service, click "ISP other than Yahoo! BB."

contract for softbank air04

Then click "Order the Service."

Next, if you selected "SoftBank" as your current mobile phone service at the previous window, the login page below will show up.

softbank air internet promotion01

And if you didn't select "SoftBank" as your current mobile phone carrier, you will see the page below.

2. Fill in Your Information

softbank air internet promotion02

Fill in your postal code(zip code). If you don't know your zip code, put your address on Google, then it will show you.

softbank air internet promotion03

Then you will need to choose more details of your address.

softbank air internet promotion04

Next, select the type of your residential building and the floor you live on. If you live on the floor is too high, you might not be able to order SoftBank Air.

Fill in detail address here only when there is more address “other than apartment name and room number.”

softbank air internet promotion05

Next, fill in other information including your name. The first two spaces for Customer Name require you to put your name in Kanji, but if you don't have one, name in Katakana or Hiragana is fine.

Internet Service You Are Currently Using

softbank air internet promotion06

Select "自宅ネット利用なし(not using any internet service)" if SoftBank HIKARI will be your first internet service in Japan. And if you have no idea what internet service you are using now, just click "その他(Others)."

3. Check Details of the Plan

Below are details of SoftBank Air. Because through this promo, you can only order Air Terminal(SoftBank Air's router) Hire-Purchase Plan, here are only prices and discounts of Hire-Purchase plan.

. softbank air internet promotion07

Note that if you order SoftBank Air and Ouchiwari HIKARI Set (Internet + Smartphone Bundle Deal) you will only get 580 yen/month discount, not 1,080 yen/month discount.

And even though it's not mentioned here, through this promotion, you can get 25,000 yen cashback or 15,000 yen cashback if you order SoftBank Air only. You can't get any cashback if you order Ouchiwari HIKARI Set.

Also, note that SoftBank Air will send you「Air Terminal Purchase Contract Agreement 」 and「Copy of ID Attachment Sheet」via text message or mail after Online Ordering.

After you get those documents, you must follow the instructions on them. If you don't, they will not send you Air Terminal. The initial fee is 3,000 yen.

After checking all the details, click "Agree" of Order Air Terminal Purchase Contract at the bottom of the box above.

4. Order Optional Services

Below is the place to order optional services. Note "Ouchiwari HIKARI Set (Internet + Smartphone Bundled Deal)" here. softbank air internet promotion08

Although optional services above are not really necessary to order for using the internet,

if you are a current SoftBank smartphone user, you can order "Ouchiwari HIKARI Set (Internet + Smartphone Bundle Deal)." By ordering this deal, you can get a discount on your smartphone's monthly charge.

Depending on your data plan, by ordering the bundled set, you can get 500~1,080 yen discount on your smartphone's monthly fee, and if you have SoftBank smartphone users in your family, you can get multiple discounts(up to 10 people in family) with this deal.

However, as it's mentioned above, if you order this bundle, you will only get 580 yen/month discount and not get any cashback through this promo. 

You don't need to order Yahoo! BB Standard Services or Ouchino Denwa(Home Phone Service).

You can change or cancel services above on Member Service Site(会員サービスサイト) after finishing ordering. So, you don't need to worry if you made any mistake here.

5. Agree to Terms and Conditions & Check Order Information

Finally below is the place for checking terms and conditions.

softbank air internet promotion09

You don't need to care about Promotional Code here. The promo will be applied without it.

About Documents Related to the Contract

If you agree to this agreement, SoftBank will send you the announcement about Electronic Documents Related to the Contract via text message to the phone number you can be reached in the day time(that you fill in the ordering form above).

Electronic Documents Related to the Contract can be reviewed for 6 months. As they can’t be reviewed after 6 months, you had better save the documents on your personal device beforehand.

6. After Online Ordering...

Below are what will happen after online ordering.

The Guide Booklet to Activation of the Internet (インターネットご利用開始のご案内の内容) Will be Sent via Text Message or Mail

You are going to receive a Guide Booklet to Activation of the Internet (インターネットご利用開始のご案内の内容) via text message or mail.

The Guide Booklet to Activation of the Internet (インターネットご利用開始のご案内の内容) contains,

  • Confirmation of Order Information (お申し込み内容確認書)
  • Yahoo! JAPAN ID & Password (Yahoo! JAPAN ID・パスワード)
  • Application for Payment Method (利用料金支払申込書)

With Yahoo! JAPAN ID and password you receive from SoftBank, you must enter the necessary information on Yahoo! JAPAN's website.

Fill necessary information in Application for Payment Method (利用料金支払申込書), seal in it (with personal seal(ハンコ)), and return it to SoftBank as soon as you can.

Documents Related to Hire-Purchase Plan Will be Sent via Text Message or Mail

You are going to receive 「Air Terminal Purchase Contract Agreement & Copy of ID Attachment Sheet」(「Airターミナル購入契約同意書・本人確認証明書貼付シート」) via text message or mail.

Process to the agreement and register or attach copies of your ID (SoftBank might ask you for your resident card (在留カード) and passport (外国パスポート) as you are a foreigner). 

Installing and Setting of Air Terminal

When you receive Air Terminal, the router, install and set it up to activate SoftBank Air. 

*In case you can't activate SoftBank Air with the router, you need to contact SoftBank Air in 8 days after you receive Air Terminal.


This page covered how to order SoftBank Air online with English translation. If you want to check information about SoftBank Air again, click here.